Your all-in-one Finance Dashboard

What if you could Track all your assets in just one place?

Track the performance of all your assets such as stocks, crypto, real estate and even your own businesses, all in one place with Vojo


How it works

Explore a large selection of reports to effortlessly monitor and optimize your asset performance.

Gain / Loss Tracking

Monitor your assets, wins and losses. Identify your best and worst performing assets or view an in depth report of their performance.

Cash flow Tracking

Maintain a clear understanding of your expected monthly income. Monitor cash flow fluctuations over time to inform strategic decision-making.

Net Worth Tracking

Stay informed about your financial standing by tracking your current net worth and its historical trends.

Track your dividends and interest earned

Optimize your financial strategy with precision by easily tracking your dividends and interest earned.

Link your investment platform

Connect your favourite tools so you can view your date in one place.

And many more to come...

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What to expect

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Track your positions and see how they perform over time


View your dividend history and be informed what to expect for the future

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Manage your cryptocurrency investments and witness their value fluctuations over time

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Track your properties and see how they evolve in value


Keep track of your mortgages so you can make the best financial decisions

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Savings accounts

Track your savings account to always know the interest you are about to earn

Checking accounts

Crucial part of your financial freedom

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Any other assets or securities

Add any financial asset or liability you would like and see your net worth grow

Explore the dashboard of your finances

Streamline your financial management with unparalleled ease—all your finances in one place.